From finding friends who share your likes and hobbies to getting to know that special someone who’s caught your eye, MoodChimp is the fun, easy and natural way to meet new people. With the choice of ‘Social’ to meet new friends or ‘Flirty’ for those more interested in dating, we can guarantee that whatever your mood, there’ll be someone out there feeling just the same. Download the app, browse through our interactive bubbles, tap faces to reveal your common interests, get the ball rolling with a chat request and see where it goes!

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Send quick messages to your friends on our chat app. Meet new people and get to know someone face-to-face over a video chat or try out our cheeky custom MoodChimp stamps, they’re perfect for a fun conversation with a new friend or as an ice-breaker with your latest flirt. Don’t forget to follow your favourites to keep up-to-date with their latest adventures.



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